How to Crack GATE Architecture & Planning???

Preparing for the GATE Architecture & Planning exam requires a structured approach and consistent effort. Here are some strategies that you can follow to prepare for the exam:

Know the Syllabus: The first step in your preparation is to understand the syllabus thoroughly. The GATE Architecture & Planning syllabus covers a range of topics from Architecture, Building and Construction Management, and Planning. Knowing the syllabus in detail will help you identify the topics you need to focus on.

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Create a Study Plan: Once you know the syllabus, create a study plan that suits your schedule and helps you cover all the topics. Allocate sufficient time for each topic and revise regularly to retain the information.

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Refer to Quality Study Material: It is essential to refer to quality study material while preparing for the exam. Use textbooks, reference books, and online resources to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Make sure to choose the right study material that covers the entire syllabus in detail.

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Solve Previous Year Papers: Solving previous year papers is an excellent way to understand the exam pattern and gain familiarity with the types of questions asked in the exam. It also helps in time management and boosts confidence. Analyse the previous year papers to understand the important topics and the weightage of marks for each topic.

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Practice Mock Tests: Taking mock tests is a crucial part of exam preparation. It helps in identifying weak areas and improving time management skills. Aspirants can also use mock tests to simulate exam-like conditions and test their knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Practice as many mock tests as possible to get an idea about the exam pattern, difficulty level, and time management.

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Stay Up-to-Date with Current Affairs: Current affairs play a crucial role in GATE Architecture & Planning. Stay updated with the latest developments and trends in the field of Architecture and Planning, as questions related to current affairs are often asked in the exam.

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Stay Focused and Confident: Finally, it is essential to stay focused and confident throughout the preparation journey. Stay positive, take breaks when required, and believe in yourself. Remember that consistency and hard work are the keys to success.


Cracking the GATE Architecture & Planning exam requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance. By following the strategies mentioned above, aspirants can improve their chances of cracking the exam and achieving their career goals in the field of Architecture and Planning. Good luck!