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Best Architecture Colleges In India

Sr. No. College Course
1. IIT Kharagpur
  1. City Planning
  2. Infrastructure Design and Management
2. IIT Roorkee
  1. Masters in Architecture
  2. MURP
  3. Environmental Management of Rivers and Lakes
3. IIT Bombay
  1. MUDE (Masters of Urban Design Engineering)
  2. Geo-Informatics and natural resources engineering
4. IIT Delhi
  1. Construction technology and management
5. IIT Madras
  1. Building technology and construction management
6. IIT Kanpur
  1. Master of Design
7. IIT Guwahati
  1. Infrastructure engineering and Management
8. IISc Banglore
  1. Master of Design

Sr. No. College Course
1. NIT Calicut
  1. Urban Planning
2. NIT Hamirpur
  1. M.Arch. in Sustainable Architecture
3. NIT Surathkal
  1. Construction Technology and Management
4. NIT Patna
  1. MURP
5. MNIT Jaipur
  1. Urban Planning
6. MANIT Bhopal
  1. Transportation Engineering
  2. Urban Planning
  3. Housing
7. SVNIT, Surat
  1. Urban Planning
8. VNIT, Nagpur
  1. Urban Planning
9. NIT Warangal
  1. Construction technology and Management

Sr. No.




SPA Delhi

Master of Architecture

1. Architectural Conservation

2. Urban Design

3. Landscape Architecture


Master of Planning

1. Environmental planning

2. Housing

3. Regional planning

4. Transport planning

5. Urban planning


Master of Design

1. Industrial Design



1. Master of Building Engineering and Management


SPA Bhopal

Master of Architecture

1. Conservation

2. Urban Design

3. Landscape


Master of Planning

1. Urban and Regional Planning

2. Environmental Planning

3. Transport Planning and Logistics Management


Master of Design

1. Visual communication design

2. Product design


SPA Vijaywada

Master of Architecture

1. Sustainable architecture

2. Landscape architecture

3. Architectural conservation (Self-financing course)


Master of Planning

1. Environmental Planning and Management

2. Urban and Regional Planning

3. Transportation and Infrastructure Planning



1. Master of Building Engineering and Management

Sr. No. College Course
1. IIEST Shibpur
  1. Town and Regional Planning
2. Jamia (Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics)
  1. M. Arch. (Architecture Pedagogy)
  2. M. Arch. (Building Services)
  3. M. Arch. (Health Architecture)
  4. M. Arch. (Recreation Architecture)
  5. M. Arch. (Urban Regeneration)
  6. M. Arch. (Ekistics)
3. NICMAR (Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, Delhi)
  1. PGP Courses
4. Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab
  1. M. Arch (Urban Design)
  2. M. Tech (Construction Technology & Management)
5. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow
  1. M. Arch
  2. M. Arch, Environmental Design
  3. M. Arch, Interior Design
  4. M. Plan, MURP
6. Sir JJ College of Architecture
  1. M. Arch
7. Anna University, Chennai
  1. M. Arch (General)
  2. M. Arch (Landscape)
  3. M. Plan
8. Odisha University of Technology and Research (CET)
  1. M. Plan
9. Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  1. M. Arch
10. DCRUST, Haryana
  1. M.Arch. Sustainable Architecture
  2. Master of Planning (Urban & Regional Planning)
11. Chandigarh College of Architecture
  1. Master of Architecture

Sr. No. College Course
1. CEPT University

Faculty of Architecture

  1. Master’s in Architectural Design
  2. Master’s in Conservation and Regeneration
  3. Master’s in Architectural History & Research
  4. Master’s in Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Planning

  1. Master’s in Urban Planning
  2. Master’s in Urban Transport Systems
  3. Master’s in Urban Infrastructure
  4. Master’s in Urban Housing
  5. Master’s in Urban Design

Faculty of Technology

  1. Master’s in Construction Engineering & Management
  2. Master’s in Geomatics
  3. Master's in Building Energy Performance

Faculty of Design

  1. Master’s in Interior Design
  2. Master’s in Furniture Design
  3. Master’s in Building Products and Systems

Faculty of Management

  1. Master's in Urban Management

City Planning

Infrastructure Design and Management

Urban Planning

Transportation Engineering

Masters in Architecture

Masters of Urban Design Engineering


Sustainable Architecture

Geo-Informatics and Natural Resources Engineering

Construction Technology and Management

Infrastructure Engineering and Management

Master of Design