Our series of blogs on ‘Daily Terminology’ is a quick overview of important terms for preparation of theory part – for GATE AR and other competitive tests, recruitment exams, in Architecture and Planning.

Fire Separation: The distance in meters measured from the external wall of the building concerned to the external wall of any other building on the site, or from other sites, or from the opposite side of a street or other public space for the purpose of preventing the spread of fire.

Mezzanine Floor: An intermediate floor between two floors of any story forming an integral part of the floor below.

Staircover (or Mumty): A structure with a roof over a staircase and its landing built to enclose only the stairs for the purpose of providing protection from weather and not used for human habitation.

Accommodation reservation (AR): It is a planning tool for the development of public amenities reserved in a redevelopment plan wherein local authority is not required to acquire the land by incurring expenditure on payment of compensation. In case of AR, the owner of land earmarked as a public amenity, in the redevelopment plan, shall be permitted to develop his land, using full permissible FAR on the plot, subject to handing over the built-up area for the proposed use to the local body/Authority, free of all encumbrances, in lieu of full permissible FAR granted to him. The area utilized for the amenity shall not form part of FAR calculation.

Transferable development rights (TDR): It is a compensation, in the form of floor area ratio (FAR) or development right, which shall entitle the owner for construction of the built-up area, as per applicable regulations, on designated sites. The FAR credit shall be issued, in a certificate called as development right certificate (DRC). The DRC is transferrable in full or part thereof.