GATE Mock Test 2024

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore has activated the mock test links on its official website, providing aspirants with an invaluable tool for preparation.

To access mock tests, follow the steps provided below-

  1. Visit the official GATE website:
  2. Navigate to the ‘GATE Papers’ section located on the homepage
  3. Select the ‘Mock Test Links’ option from the dropdown menu
  4. Choose the subject for which you want to take the mock test
  5. Click on the link to access the mock test

Step 2: Simulate Exam Conditions

  1. Set aside dedicated time for mock test practice, treating each session like the actual exam.
  2. Create a distraction-free environment that mimics the exam setting.
  3. Strictly adhere to the prescribed time limit for each mock test.

Step 3: Analyze Your Performance

  1. Upon completing each mock test, thoroughly review your answers.
  2. Identify areas where you excelled and areas that require further attention.
  3. Consult your study materials and seek help from teachers or mentors if needed.

Step 4: Track Your Progress

  1. Monitor your performance across multiple mock tests.
  2. Identify areas where you are making consistent gains.
  3. Use this data to tailor your study plan and focus on your weaknesses.

Step 5: Maintain Consistency

  1. Regularly practice mock tests throughout your preparation journey.
  2. Consistent practice will help you maintain momentum and improve your overall exam readiness.